The Mandel Center of Arizona - Media & Speaking Engagements
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The Mandel Center of Arizona's experienced and caring professionals offer our clients emotional, physical and spiritual healing. Because all people are unique, our treatment plans are tailored to your individuality. We are committed to providing the personalized guidance and support necessary to live a healthy and productive life.
Media & Speaking Engagements

• Dr. Phil Appearance "Families in Crisis"- 2005

• Desert Paradise Magazine - 2006:

• New Times Article- September 2007:

• Eating Disorders: The Hidden Epidemic – A Panel Discussion about the Disease, Treatment, Cost and Coverage (Sponsored by IAEDP and YWCA) - December 2008

• Introduction to Eating Disorders Seminar – for Social Work Interns from Arizona State University (Sponsored by the Wellcare Foundation) - February 2009

• Fox News Channel 10-Phoenix, AZ - "The Impact of the Economy on Divorce Rates" - January 2010:

• Experiencing Food From Your Client's Perspective" by Alyssa Mandel, MSW, LCSW and Debra Landau-West - March 2001: